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WELCOME TO Lifevision!

This site is being created to be an integral part of Anders Haglund’s personal life vision ”to inspire, educate and make a difference in enough peoples private and professional lives to make a positive difference in the world”.  Our way of doing this is by simply adding as much value as we possible can to you and your company.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re here to know more before you book a game changing seminar for your company, personal coaching or you’re just curious about the best personal development tools available.  Our aim is that you will find more than you were looking for. Something that makes you even better at what you do. Something that lets you and the people that you have an opportunity to touch be even more successful and enjoy life at a deeper level than ever before…

”One genuine insight is all you need to take your life to a whole new level.”

Life Gold Monthly #64


Summer is finally upon us here in Sweden. A little later than usual which has prompted some people to question if global warming is actually going on. They don’t understand that increased energy in the atmosphere does not make it …

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