Life Gold Monthly #81


This month we tried out having three kids with chickenpox. Couple that with my wife having lyme disease which has led to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and, to say the least, it’s been challenging times. To the point where I …

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Life Gold Monthly #80


This month I was truly inspired by the reaction to the terrorist attack here in Stockholm. Instead of closing up people opened up. Both their hearts and their homes to strangers (#openstockholm). Enough of division and fear. No matter how …

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Life Gold Monthly #79


Here in Sweden the weather is shifting and the wonderful smell of spring is hitting my nostrils.. Birds are chirping away and celebrating the hopefulness of a new season… In this months blog I reflect on maybe the most important …

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Life Gold Monthly #78


Don’t know where this month’s coaching letter is finding you, but I hope that you are looking forward to making the rest of the year something beautiful. A useful perspective is remembering that us humans are usually overestimating what we can get done …

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Life Gold Monthly #77


A bit late in sending out this coaching letter but hopefully it is worth the wait:-) Being successful is not about being perfect but about getting back on the path as soon as you notice it. So back to a nice, …

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Life Gold Monthly #76


It has become somewhat of a tradition to send out this goal setting special edition of the coaching letter at years end. Both to wish all of you readers a Happy New Year and to take advantage of that natural, …

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Life Gold Monthly #75


Getting to winter time hear in Sweden but looking out the window you wouldn’t know it. Looking more like september than late november. Global warming might seem like a great thing from this standpoint, but the more energy the atmosphere …

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Life Gold Monthly #74


A lot has happened in the month since my last coaching letter. The biggest change of course being the arrival of our third child and first daughter:-) No wonder then that the content this time was inspired by her. Below …

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Life Gold Monthly #73


Isn’t there something special about the start of autumn? It comes to us after summers rest and recuperation, with a clean and glimmering hope of something better. Now, this can obviously be said for any  day of the year, but this is …

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Life Gold Monthly #72


This month I take fresh look at how you can take advantage of the nature of nature. All that’s needed is some common sense, a little bit of understanding and you can get a truckload of dividends from a handful of investment … for …

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