Aaron Turner & Anders Haglund

Life Vision proudly presents Dr. Aaron Turner who is coming to Sweden for the first time!

Come join Aaron Turner and Anders Haglund for a unique opportunity to go behind the theories and  superstitions for a deeper exploration of what’s really driving your success. This understanding will give you a basis to raise your game across the board in any field.

Best of all, it will highlight the simplicity of that wonderful feeling of happiness, satisfaction and well-being that we are all really looking for and link it to performance. In short: Performance in your business and satisfaction in your life has never looked so good…

 ”One genuine insight is all you need to take both your success and experience of life to a whole new level…”

Up until now, there has been no clear understanding of why this is. Instead of an understanding we have mystical superstitions. Lucky suits, crossed fingers and rituals; the special (vague) ”x” factor. We all know an individual who has that special knack or ability. We say they have ”it”. We know what ”it” looks and feels like but not what it is it where it came from.

This program will bring to light what ”it” is and where it comes from. It will provide a simple and usable understanding of this underlying ”x” factor of moment-to-moment individual ability. The visibility of this factor and your understanding of how it works will allow you to raise your abilities in all areas of your life including, but not limited to, leadership, team morale and co-working, communication, relationship quality, sales, decision making and strategic thinking, resilience and stress management, personal well being, parenting, your golf game and any other sport you practice.

In 2000, with a Masters and PhD from Brunel University, Aaron Turner left a research position at the university. He did this to pursue an internship at Pransky & Associates. Pransky & Associates is a widely recognized world leader in a pioneering approach to human well being and potential.

Intrigued with the impact the work of Pransky and Associates had on him personally, Aaron developed a commitment to learning how to pass on similar benefits to others. In his 11 years at the company, Aaron helped expand its practice from addressing the well-being of individuals and couples to applying their innovative approach to solving a wide range of business challenges.

Beginning as a junior staff member, he finished his full-time tenure at the company having served as CEO for close to three years. He was also responsible for partnering with and mentoring senior leaders in both the corporate and military settings, both one-on-one and as a faculty member of several executive institutes.

Aaron’s passion has been in showing leaders and organizations that there is a previously unrecognized cause and solution for many of the chronic frustrating problems organizations, and the people in them, face. With this passion, he and his partner Mara Gleason founded Turner Gleason in 2010, a company dedicated to developing more professionals in this field.

They are working with innovative leaders to allow for more and more people throughout the world to know about this and it’s potential to transform individuals and organizations. In addition to starting Turner Gleason, Aaron and Mara also founded the 3 Principles Professional Institute in 2011 to crate an educational space where emerging 3 principles practitioners can connect with experienced professionals, creating a continuity and an ongoing learning experience for the larger 3P community. Aaron also serves on the executive committee of 3 Principle Global Community (3PGC).

Who is coming to the seminar?

People from all walks of life who want to take their performance and life experience to the next level.  Naturally,  there will be quite a few of Anders Haglund’s corporate clients there (CEO’s, salesmanagers, athletes) plus leaders from all levels. All with the same aim of simply learning from the best and get more out of life.

So what do I need when I attend the seminar?
The most important thing is that you have an open mind, are curious about learning and that you are passionate about helping yourself and others to lead an extraordinary life.

Do I have to speak perfect english to attend the seminar?
No you don’t have to speak perfect english, but you do have to have pretty good understanding of the english language. If you have read and understood this up until this point you qualify.

Where can I stay during the seminar?
The hotel where we are doing the seminar is excellent and you can book a room through their website by clicking on the following link: Elite Park Avenue Hotel or call them on +46-31-727 10 00. We can also recommend Gothia Towers Hotel which is a short walk from the venue.


Date: 2013/09/20 ‐ 2022/09/21
Time: 09.30-16.30 (both days)
Location: Hotel Elite Park Avenue, Gothenburg
Price: €520 excl. VAT (Buy 5 pay only 4)


Tel: +46-33- 14 00 70

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