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Life Vision proudly presents supercoach Michael Neill!

According to a ten year study done by McKinsey, top executives reported being up to five times more productive when in a state of flow – what athletes call ”being in the zone”.  But what is ”the zone”?  And how can we manage, coach, lead, perform and live in the zone more of the time?

Join optimal performance coaches Michael Neill and Anders Haglund for a peek behind the curtain of what really drives all human behavior and discover the keys to consistently getting the best out of yourself and others.

You will learn:

  • The principles behind performance excellence
  • How to operate in flow and in the zone more of the time
  • Why competition can bring out the best or worst in all of us
  • How to celebrate your victories, be more graceful with your losses, and find the joy in playing the game
  • The secrets of top athletes and performers in any field

So, whether you want to become a better leader, sales person, parent, or simply to be more resilient in these times of change so you can enjoy what you’re doing regardless of what’s happening around you – this is the seminar for you!

 ”One genuine insight is all you need
to take both your success and experience of life to a whole new level…”


Have you ever been in ”The Zone” – that wonderful state of mind where everything just flows? Maybe when you found the just the right words in a meeting to make an important shift happen, or when every putt on the golf course seemed to drop straight into the hole?

What if there was a way to access that zone on a regular basis? Better still, what if there wasn’t anything special you needed to do or practice in order to get there?

During this day-long seminar, internationally-renowned performance coaches Michael Neill and Anders Haglund will take you on a journey into a foundational understanding that could make all the difference in the world for you, your family, and your clients. They will bring to light the principles behind accessing this optimal, natural performance state, and show you why ”The Zone” has been so highly desired by so many and yet remains so elusive to us all.

If you want to know how you can bring your best when it matters most and make even the hardest tasks easier and more effortless, this simple yet surprising understanding of how human nature really works will answer your questions and help you to guide your way forward.

What would it be worth to you if you and your family, team, or company could access ”The Zone” on a regular basis and reap the rewards of a life lived from a place of greater ease, well-being, and creative inspiration?

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of The Inside-Out Revolution, You Can Have What You Want, Feel Happy Now!, Supercoach, and both the Effortless Success and Coaching from the Inside-Out audio programs.

He has spent the past 24 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. He is the also the founder of Supercoach Academy, an international school that teaches people how to coach from the inside out. Michael’s books have been translated into 15 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the United Nations and on five continents around the world.

Michael’s weekly show, Supercoach, on Hayhouse Radio is a listener favorite with approximately 7,000 daily hits and is the most downloaded show on the network, with over 100,000 downloads a month.

What others have said about Michael Neill:

“Direct and practical – Michael’s presence makes taking on challenges fun. Do yourself a favor and read this book….It works!”
– Egill Egilsson, Producer/Director CSI: Miami

“Incredible know how; fantastic tools; results for all to see. Take a deep breath – your life is about to change for the better.”
– Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry Solutions, Oracle Communications

“If Superman needed a coach, he’d hire Michael Neill.”
–Geoff Hinsley, Executive Coach

“I am so happy. Thank you for this well written wisdom. I have invested 10 years into being miserable.
But not today. Today I am so excited to have the rest of my life back. Your words are true. Thank you.”
–Christie Summervill, MBA, SPHR

Who is coming to the seminar?

People from all walks of life who want to take their performance and life experience to the next level.  Naturally,  there will be quite a few of Anders Haglund’s corporate clients there (CEO’s, salesmanagers, HR and professional athletes) plus leaders from all levels. All with the same aim of simply learning from the best and get more out of life.

So what do I need when I attend the seminar?

The most important thing is that you have an open mind, are curious about learning and that you are passionate about helping yourself and others to lead an extraordinary life.

Do I have to speak perfect english to attend the seminar?

No you don’t have to speak perfect english, but you do have to have pretty good understanding of the english language. If you have read and understood this up until this point you qualify.

Where can I stay during the seminar?

The venue hotel, Gothia Towers, offers both 4 and 5 star rooms that are fantastic. You can choose which one suits you the best here: www.gothiatowers.com or call direct +46-31-750 88 00.
There you can also book a spa experience and use there see-through pool at the 20th floor.



Date: 2014/08/24
Time: 10.00 -16.30
Location: Gothia Towers, Göteborg
Price: €320 excl. VAT (Buy 5 pay only 4)


Tel: +46-33- 14 00 70

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