Robin Sharma

Life Vision proudly presents Robin Sharmas fourth Swedish event! 

Come and be inspired by the internationally renowned leadership expert, Robin Sharma. During this seminar you the best selling author of THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI, THE GREATNESS GUIDE and THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE will give you profound insights. You will quickly come to see why when Fortune 500 organizations need a speaker with a proven track record of delivering leadership presentations that inspire, engage and deliver real business results, they go to Robin Sharma.

In this workshop, we want to change the way you think about leadership. It is not about position. Leadership is everybody’s business. It is for men, women and children. It is for business and communities. It is for you. We all have the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. During this magical seminar you will learn a new and practical way to help you achieve personal and professional greatness.  To Lead Without Title.

 ”To be a winner at work and in life, everyone has to show leadership, regardless of their title.”


Good leaders are made not born. Good leaders develop through a never-ending process of selfstudy, education, training and experience. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to understand the true importance of leadership and how you and everyone within your organizations can LEAD WITHOUT TITLE.

The seminar is based on Robin’s international bestseller, The Leader Who Had No Title™, as a highly inspirational presentation that will teach:
•  The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles
•  8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times
•  The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even Better
•  The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
•  Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty.

What you will learn
• What the best business leaders and organizations do to drive their remarkable results.
• How to create a leadership culture of exceptional performers.
• Breakthrough tactics to transform turbulense into measurable success.
• Powerful lessons to help your team become worl-class innovators who are constantly doing things better.
• How winning organizations build high-performance teams.

So, it doesn’t matter if you want to live a truly rich life by being a better leader, sales person, educator, parent or simply want to find out how much success and happiness you can stand – this is the seminar for you! Because when you get better everything in your life gets better…

Frequently asked questions:

Who is coming to the seminar?
People from all walks of life who want to take control of their lives and lead themselves and others. Naturally, many will come because they have read Robin Sharma’s best selling books and want to be inspired live. Furthermore, since Anders Haglund manages the seminar, there will be quite a few of his corporate clients there (CEO’s, salesmanagers, athletes) plus leaders from all levels. All with the same aim of simply learning from the best and get more out of life.

So what do I need when I attend the seminar?
The most important thing is that you have an open mind, an insatiable appetite for learning and that you are passionate about helping yourself and others to lead an extraordinary life

Do I have to speak perfect english to attend the seminar?
No you don’t have to speak perfect english, but you do have to have a basic understanding of the english language. If you have read this up until this point you qualify.

Where can I stay during the seminar?
The hotel where we are doing the seminar is excellent and you can book a room through their website by clicking on the following link: Hotel Rival or call them on +46-8-54578900. We can also recommend Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel which is a short walk from the venue, tel: +46-08-517 353 00.

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most trusted leadership experts and a man whose transformational ideas have helped over 5 million employees in 62 countries do their absolute best work.

Robin is the author of 11 major international bestsellers including The Leader Who Had No Title, The Greatness Guide Series and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The books have been embraced by people from all walks of life, ranging from CEOs, professional sports superstars to entrepreneurs and educators. His work has been published in over 60 countries and in nearly 70 languages.

”Your message is truly inspiring, refreshing and profound.
You made us reflect, think, laugh and in some cases cry.”
– Don Davis, President Minolta

Robin is also the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a global consultancy that helps people Lead Without a Title. Organizations such as NASA, Yale University, Nike, Microsoft and The Harward Business School are also SLI clients. Robin is a former litigation lawyer who holds two law degrees including a Masters of Law. Robin starred in his own PBS special and has appeared on over 1000 television and radio shows. Robin Sharma is also the founder of the Robin Sharma Foundation for children which works to help underprivileged children become leaders.

As one of the most respected keynote speakers in the industry his mission is a simple one: to help people Lead Without a Title and do their absolute best work during times of intense change. Ranked as one of the Top 5 leadership gurus in the world in an independent global survey of over 22,000 businesspeople, and recipient of an Award as one of the Top 5 Leadership speakers globally by US based Speakers Platform, Robin Sharma will help your people perform brilliantly and leave everything they touch better than they find it.


For 15+ years Robin Sharma has been on of the top Leadership speakers in the world.´s annual suervey of international speaking proffesionals ranked him as ”Top 5” on the planet in the Leadership category.

He´s uberinspiring, offers tremendous practial tactics and ideas that create real results. And he customizes every presentation to a level that´s sure to wow you.

”The feedback after your event received a perfect 10”
Salim Dewju, The young president´s organization

“Your high-energy, multimedia presentation made us laugh, and made us think. Your messages were insightful and on target. Thank you for being such an inspirational and thought provoking keynote speaker. You have set a high standard and raised expectations for our series.”
Bill Norman, Vice President- Worldwide Operations, Microsoft

“Robin Sharma was inspirational and exceeded the highest expectations of the audience. His words were moving and inspiring to everyone including myself. He truly deserved the standing ovation that everyone gave him.”
Balakrishnan G. Iyer, Vice President, Portfolio Analytics, General Electric

”With respect to your presentation, you should take a private moment to smile at yourself. Many attendees have mentioned to me that they have recommitted themselves to living a better life thanks to your words. Robin, you have made a difference in the lives of the people who attended the conference.“
Mark K. Tonneson, Executive Vice President, ROYAL BANK OF CANADA


Date: 2014/09/19
Time: 09.30-12.30
VIP lunch 13.00-14.00
Location: Hotel Rival, Stockholm
Price: €330 excl. VAT (Buy 5 pay only 4) VIP- ticket €560 excl. VAT

Tel: +46-33- 14 00 70

Register here!

Includes reserved front row seating during the main session. Also included is a Q & A lunch (question & answer) with Robin Sharma between 13.00-14.00.

During this VIP session you will have the opportunity to get access to even more of Robin’s invaluable leadership and life style expertise. Furthermore, there will be a chance to get your personal questions answered by Robin live. Restricted to 50 seats.


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