What we do

What we do

At Life Vision we combine expertise from many different areas and combine them into unique solutions. We also see the underlying basic reason for any problem: the state of mind of the people involved. This approach will have a profound effect on you and your organization and give you immediate results. Because nothing has more effect on a business bottom line than helping the people it relies on feel better and thus, respond and behave better in any situation.

This knowledge in itself has no value until its implemented. Hence, our goal is to not only to communicate it in an entertaining way but also to make sure that it creates new insights. As people see themselves and their possibilities in a whole new way they naturally start using what they know. That’s where the real power comes from…

Leadership – Sales – Personal Development – Peak performance psychology – Optimum Health

Life Vision AB was founded because Anders Haglund wanted to find the answers to a couple of crucial questions: ”How come some people and companies manage to achieve what others only dream about? How can we succeed while at the same time experiencing that wonderful sense of joy, happiness and wellbeing that we all want?

Profound answers and insights

Even in the most challenging of times there are people and companies that thrive. They seemingly are unaffected by the state of ”the market” while others can worry even in the best of times. These differences become glaringly obvious once you start looking for them and the reason is simple: The ultimate competitive discriminator in business is the vast, mostly untapped potential lurking in the minds of the people running the show. We all have it, and while some companies are finding it, others are not. Either way, this potential is there.

The secret is to honestly listen to what we really want, define it and then learn from the people who are already the best in their respective fields of expertise. People who are ultra successful have certain common ways of looking at the world. What we do is to teach those ideas, thoughts and strategies in an effective, entertaining manner. So here is a question for you: What would it mean for you and your company if all your co-workers had access to the best of their human potential?

Just like we have made enormous advances in medicine and technology, especially in the last decade, there has been break-through discoveries in how our brains and bodies function. By combining these latest discoveries with the time tested wisdom of personal development and with the very best tools from peak-performance sports psychology, we can help you or anyone else get the most out of your natural ability.
And since, as already stated above, nothing affects your business more than how the people it relies on feels and thereby behaves, these tools will also massively affect your business success.

Furthermore, it will give you more of all those wonderful things that we all want that money cannot buy – fulfilling relationships, health, personal leadership, happiness etc. Intrigued?

Take your success and your life to a new level!

We have already helped sales people to meet their customers needs at such a high level that they not only become loyal and come back for more – they send others! CEO’s and managers at all levels lead by becoming the type of person that others want to follow. Professional athletes from all kinds of sports have made quantum leaps in their performance level. The same basic principles have helped ”learning disabled” kids and people of all ages have been cured of phobias and fears of all kinds.

Added to this we have the capability to give you all you need to increase your energy level and decrease the number sick days to an absolute minimum. This by understanding the foundation of health rather than studying the basis of disease. This paradigm shift in thinking can also be used to increase motivation, enjoy any type of work and perform better both professionally and at home. Never before  has it been possible to this quickly and elegantly help people get access to their own and others’ best resources.

We offer

  • Life changing seminars
  • Performance enhancing lectures
  • Life transforming personal coaching
  • Energy boosting health coaching
  • World class personal development and health products
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