Resources for Life

Here you will find, according to me, the best nutritional supplements in the world. Among some of the people who are using it are Olympic goldmedalists Therese Ahlshammar and Lars Frölander.
Managed by arguably the best personal coach in the world today, Michael Neill. Shock full of resources to get the most out of life. Do yourself a favour and explore this site and his sister site
This might be the most life changing message you have ever heard. Don’t let the fact that he focuses on a ”fuzzy” thing like love make you think that it’s not for serious businesses. If you understand Dr. Greg Baer’s message any relationship will flourish, including the ones in the work place.
A simple message that have changed the lives of anybody who’s had the opportunity to hear it. Sydney Banks has helped people from all walks of life – managers, athletes, prison inmates, psychiatric patients etc. – to totally transform their lives. Take a look at these videos and you will get a taste of the power of his three principles. For more you can also check out this site:  3 principles movies

Are you also getting to the conclusion that something needs to be done about are way of life? That we are depleting the earths resources in a way that is not sustainable long term? At this site you’ll get plenty of ideas about how you can get involved in leaving the earth a little better than you found it…
Anthony Robbins are considered by many to be the world’s leading success coach. He’s also the person that Anders Haglund started his NLP career with and his clients include people like André Agassi, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and plenty of Fortune 500 companies.
Jim Rohn is sadly no longer among us, but he’s still one of the people who has had the greatest impact on Anders when it comes to business philosophy. He had a unique ability to break complex ideas down into easily understandable common sense.
This is the webpage if you want to keep updated on Dr. Richard Bandler (founder of NLP). It is run by John LaValle who has worked together with Richard for many years. His specialty is how you apply NLP to sales. Here you can also buy all of the dvd:s, cd:s and other products.
Pete Egoscue is one of the world’s leading fysiotherapists. If you have any type of physical pain this is the site for you. Pete will show you how you can reclaim the responsibility for your own physical health and become pain free faster than you ever thought possible.
Paul McKenna is one of the world’s best hypnotists and has also been working together with Dr. Richard Bandler. He organizes plenty of seminars in the UK and has an incredible amount of personal development products to sell. ch har även han utbildats av Dr. Bandler.
Jay Abraham is one of the most creative marketeers of our time. He has a seemingly unlimited supply of ground breaking ideas for companies of all sizes. Check it out if you want you business to grow.

Useful links

Never before in human history has information been so readily available to everyone. The problem is that any internet search yields so many ”hits” that it can be overwhelming. Just to sift through this unprecedented stream of data can make a even the wildest djungle seem easily penetrable in comparison.

Therefore, on this page we would like to share some links to some of the best personal development sites. It’s our hope that you will find something here that can help you get even better at what you do. This page will be continually updated with any new gems that we encounter…