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Transformative Success Coaching

This is our most exclusive service. Because of time commitments, I can only take on a strictly limited number of clients each year. But if you’re serious about wanting to get the absolute best out of yourself and living your life with an all around nicer feeling – this is the service for you!

Anyone who has achieved something extraordinary has had at least one person in their lives that helped bring the best out them. If it wasn’t a coach, mentor, friend or parent, it was their competition. Jack Nicklaus vs. Arnold Palmer in golf, Venus vs. Serena Williams in tennis or Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates in business. History is filled with examples of great people spurring each other on to successes previously unthinkable, even to them.

”One genuine insight is all you need to take your life to a whole new level .”

Now, just imagine having someone like that in your corner who will be there for you each and every week for 6 months up to a full year. Someone who’s put his heart and soul into understanding what drives human behavior and the psychological principles that is actually behind our experience of life. Someone who will guide you like a friend, teach you like a mentor and challenge you like world-class competition. All this by showing you the way to your own innate wisdom and potential so you can live in more productive, enjoyable states of mind on a daily basis. What would that mean to you?

Based on my work over the past nineteen years with clients at every level of business and sporting success, I know the positive impact of this relationship is incalculable…

To be free to respond to your needs just like a great athlete or business leader, I offer no cookie-cutter solutions. No preset model of coaching. Everything we’ll do together is based on your needs in the moment and what will bring long-term success. You are my program…

”I only have one client – the one I’m with.”

If you’re interested in establishing this kind of support in your life, career, or business, please contact: or call +46-33-140070.


1 year of coaching: €35.000 +VAT
6 months: €20.000 +VAT

 Serious and appropriate inquiries only.

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