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A hearfelt THANK YOU for being able to work with us at our conference ”Journey to the Future”. You had an incredible impact on all the people attending and we’ve been flooded with positive feedback regarding your seminar. We sent out our customary evaluation after the conference and you received a 4,26 on scale with a maximum of 4 – several of the attendees had written 5, 10 and even 12 at the far side of the scale – congratulations!
– Eva Milton, Director Communications, Tetra Pak 

First of all I want to thank you for two absolutely amazing days. It started with your presentation and ended with euforic co-workers that are totally transformed. Each and everyone of them has positively changed their outlook both on life in general och our business specifically. The tools, ideas and insights you shared are a constant topic in our everyday discussions. As an important ”side effect” the cooperation between different departments is working even better now as well. A recurrent comment from our people: ”I have been to a lot of seminars, but nothing has given me anything near as much.

Furthermore, one of our salespeople went out on wednesday to sell in the next season and he happily reported that he used your ”sales recipe” during the meeting and walked away with a BIG order! It works!
Jürgen Walter, CEO, Continental

I constantly get reminded about the brilliant time we spent together in Bad Gastein and how succesful the ”Get Inspired” conference was, largely because of you!

I wouldn’t say that I was worried about it not being great, but to entertain such a large crowd of people from different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds is after all quite a challenge. After ten minutes my worries were gone, after twenty minutes I was transformed into to a happy ”conference general” and after 5 hours I was swept away by fascination – everybody was still enthusiastically hanging on your every word! What an experience to see coworkers from different levels and divisions in the company laugh at the same things, get the same message and have the same ”aha-reaction”.

The evaluation that was done after the conference also gave you an A+ grade. Everybody had understood the message and your gestures and the key phrases still, over three months after the seminar, pop-up in our daily conversations.
Ulrika Swedlund, Customer Service Manager, Johnson & Johnson

I want to thank you once again for your contribution in creating a new vision, mission and values statement for the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center. Your help was invaluable during the developmental work as well as in coaching the executive team, and in getting the ideas firmly established in the managerial body. I am very satisfied with what we accomplished together in such a short period of time. Naturally, you can count on me to recommend your outstanding services to any other companies in the future.
Lennart Mankert, Managing Director, SweFair

I attended the seminar ”Unleash Your Best Self” seminar with my all 18 of my managers and leaders. To say the least, we had high expectations for the day:

  • We would have the most fun, inspirational day so far!
  • We would get ideas that would help us ”Unleash Our Best Selves” both at work and at home!
  • We would get a common way of relating to and speaking about the vision and goals we create.
  • We would become world class at getting our co-workers to perform at their best (now we know that it will flow naturally from first and foremost focusing on increasing their sense of well-being;-)

I have to say this was the best event I’ve ever attended. My whole leadership team has given me fantastic feedback and we all feel that the above expectations has both been met and comfortably surpassed. We are now working on implementing all our new found insights. One of my group leaders gave me the most heart warming answer in our evalution when I asked if he had gotten any insight that he will have a positive impact on his life, and he said that he had gotten insights that my children will benefit from!!!
– Bengt Törnqvist, CEO, Swedish Postal Services


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