Testimonials cont.

”Anders Haglund has been involved with the national teams, both as a lecturer and in working directly with the players. His passion and enthusiasm is highly contagious and he delivers his message in a captivating fashion. A message that in many ways can be totally life transforming.
-Peter Mattsson, National Coach, Swedish Golf Team

”An impressive and skilful presentation that gave plenty of useful ideas, things to think about and still left us hungry for more. Professionally planned program where theory was mixed with practical use, which made the message clear and easy to remember. Extremely educational and fun, and it can be applied both on and off your job. An inspirational kick in the pants!
– Lotta Johansson, Personalchef, UPS

”This is definitely the best seminar I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to more than a few. Anders made an incredibly strong impression on me, both with his message and his engaging personality. I will remember this for a long, long time.”
Jan-Erik Skyman, VD, KaVo Scandinavia AB

”To lead a national team at the world level where every decision is crucial, energy is needed for heart-to-heart talks under pressure, building a powerful team, creative responsiveness at the cutting edge and to be a good mom and wife is not the easiest of tasks to achieve.

Anders has been my personal coach during this year and on our way to a successful World Championship (3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze). I can highly recommend his profound knowledge about what drives human behaviour and his pedagogical skills getting them across. He has helped me immensely by filling my leadership tool box to the brim, inspired me in an energetic, positive and thought provoking way.
Marita Skogum, National Coach Orienteering

Having a mental edge is decisive in any sport and maybe even more so in racing. The margin for error i unbelievably small and one single mistake can be very costly. In short,  you have to get the maximum out of yourself at all times. This is one of the reasons that being coached by Anders has been very rewarding both on and off the track.

During our seasons together we have managed to win a bronze in STCC and then winning the Porsche Carrera Cup championship both 2010 and 2011 (being the only driver to win the championship 3 times). Not only have the work together with Anders made me better race car driver, but I have also made great strides beyond the track – and last but not least made a new friend for life.
Robin Rudholm, Race car driver and CEO R3 Marketing Bureau

During our coaching sessions there are many things that have been etched onto my consciousness, but one thing more than any other: Your unwaivering belief in my ability to succeed.  You told me so many times that you think that I can be world class and now I believe it too. During this season I have had several events where my shooting have been good enough for a final at the Olympics… and the incredible thing is that I really feel like there is still more to come. Crazy:)

Right now I’m currently ranked fourth and I’ve never been this close to the absolute top of the world. A couple of weeks ago my shooting coach asked me what had happened to me during this season ”you’re changed beyond recognition”. I just smiled and viewed it as a compliment, because something has indeed happened. Thank you for your coaching! It has helped me not only as a marksman, but even more as person:)
Hanna Hallnäs

I can’t thank you enough for your coaching at a low point in my life. What you have accomplished with me is bordering on being a miracle. I went from a depressed, joyless old widow to be an ageless happy and content human being. And all this after a few sessions over the phone!!! I kind of new intellectually that we all have some kind of untapped potential within us, but you really made me see it beyond a shadow of a doubt. You taught me how understanding our thoughts and using that knowledge correctly has almost unlimited power. You helped my get my ”sun” to shine.
Elfi Varming, 82 years young

Thank you for a wonderful day at the Optimum Health seminar. This was my fifth time attending your seminars and I am amazed at your ability to keep coming up with new inspiring ”angles” to get your message across. I also work as a health consultant, massage therapist and pilates instructor and the insight I got from you has really lifted both me and my family to new heights. Also, your inspiration has now through me reached many more. Thanks again. Your ideas have really changed my life for the better!
Sofia Gyökeres, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

About six years ago my company brought you in for a half day seminar and shortly thereafter you helped me quit smoking. This morning when I awoke I was thinking about how grateful I am for the opportunity to listen to and be coached by you. The last few years I have lost my maternal grandfather, my mother and my father to cancer and it was a painful struggle for all of them. I often get the question how I can be as happy as I am after all that I’ve been through… and I usually answer – because I choose to…

As for the smoking, it’s still a mystery to me because ever since our first session I haven’t had even slightest abstinence craving. I don’t feel like I ever smoked, I am a non-smoker. Every now and then I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your help and this time I wanted to write you a note and tell you. Thank you!
Maria Wall, Marketing manager, Storel AB

Dear Anders,
Thank you for curing my fear of flying. The way in which you helped me was incredibly effective and I definitely made good use of it during the next flight I took. Thanks again and take great care!
Kasey Harboe, San Diego, CA

After not even having been able to go anywhere near an airport in years, it feels absolutely incredible that I didn’t even break a sweat during my flight to paris. I’m even longing to go on the next flight – how about that! Also, you can’t even imagine how many spiders I’ve looked at without being afraid or even uncomfortable. I even petted a tarantula a little while ago. I can still hardly believe it’s true. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Maria Rapinoja

I have always wanted to loose some weight and have tried almost everything. But nothing has been as effective as what you’re teaching. I gave the Optimum Health program a chance and tried it for 10 days, and now I’m hooked. I’ve already lost 7 kg and feel better than ever. Thanks for that!
Pia Boson

I just want to tell you what has happened with our son since he visited you a little over a year ago. At the time he was in his 10th year of school and had a pretty bad case of dyslexia. After your session you kept in contact via the phone for several weeks and then I continued helping him with your exercises. But mostly he used the new strategies for reading and writing on his own.

He has been pretty quiet about how he’s doing and I didn’t want to pressure him about it, but I came with him to his most recent school performance evaluation meeting. There, I met two of his teachers that I hadn’t met before. They simply stated that he hadn’t been in need of any extra assistance during the year and hadn’t even visited ”the studio” (where all the aids for the learning disabled are). They were very impressed by his results, both theoretical and practical, and rightly so since he finished top of the class in every subject.

Naturally, they wondered how he had accomplished this remarkable turn-around and our son told them matter of factly that he didn’t need the extra help anymore because he reads and writes in a different way now. Of course, we couldn’t help but to tell them the story. It was a very proud mother that left the meeting with her son:-)

The people who know me can really tell that my attitude to flying is completely changed. My whole life is easier now that I can board a plane without panicking. I very grateful to have met you and that you rid me of such a big problem in such a short amount of time. Thank you!
Catharina Kamis


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